A rainbow baby is literally a baby born just after the loss of another baby due to death, miscarriage or early birth. This unusual terminology is often given to those special rainbow babies since a rainbow commonly follows a bright storm, providing hope for what lies to come. It also stands for a child who has transgendered. If you are unsure of which term best describes your special bundle of joy, seek help from a trained medical professional.

what is a rainbow baby

The term stillbirth relates to the reduction of fetal life during pregnancy. Many women who have gone through miscarriage feel they have not delivered their babies. Others believe they have miscarried when they still cannot seem to bring themselves to push the start button on their next period. Still others believe that even with missing the initial menstrual cycle, they have still conceived, but the fetus has died.

Sometimes, there is some question as to what a rainbow baby actually is. These are pregnancies where both partners have conceived naturally but the chances of conception are low or non-existent. In cases such as these, either partner may want to consider male sperm, as it is more successful when dealing with the female’s egg. In the case of female infertility, the male sperm is often used because it has a shorter wavelength and can be easily detected by an ovulation kit. With male infertility, it is common for the new baby to be blue or green in color and thus not be visible to the naked eye. It is these new babies that are often termed “rainbow babies.”

Being able to see a unique color when your newborn is developing in the womb can be exciting, especially for mothers. But what is the connection between what is known as rainbows and miscarriages? If you are having a hard time getting pregnant, or if you have already miscarried in the past, you may find this information to be helpful.

It is important to understand that no two pregnancies are ever identical, despite what some people believe. If you are trying to conceive and have had several previous miscarriages, there is no reason to be concerned about what is a rainbow baby and what you may be going through. In fact, it is common for women who have lost at least one baby to experience mixed emotions. They may worry that another baby may have the same problem, and in addition to worrying about the color of their new baby, they also worry about the possible loss of another baby as well.

For most women, the biggest fear during this time is that they will experience loss. While there is nothing particularly unusual about a woman losing a baby, many also grieve over their loss. A new baby brings with it the possibility of another child, which can help relieve some of the grief that often comes with the loss of a miscarriage. This can be especially true for women who have been through it before and who know what it is like to lose your baby in the womb.

For many women, it is comforting to learn that they are not the first mother to have lost a baby. The loss of miscarriage does not make them feel like they are doomed to a lifetime of infertility. They are not alone. There are many women who have had previous losses, but who have conceived again after learning about what is a rainbow baby. Being told that they are not the only mother to have experienced this loss is encouraging for these women and their new-born.

Learning about what is a rainbow baby can bring relief to the new mom. It is comforting to know that another life is waiting for her with another new baby. It is even more special when she shares it with her soon-to-be biological baby, because it is something that no one could have known was possible. This is the power of conception, no matter how close it is or how far it has come. It is the miracle of birth, and this is a miracle to share.


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